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Bane-Clene® System

Why should I choose Michaels Carpet Cleaning

The choice of the proper cleaning system is extremely important. Some systems leave residues which promote re-soiling and defeat the whole purpose of cleaning. Some methods actually damage the carpet fibers and shorten the life of the carpet. Check with the carpet manufacturer for recommendations.

Cleaning Frequency

If carpet is cleaned before it becomes too unsightly, the cleaning chore will be easier and more successful. Allowing the carpet to become overly soiled may result in irreversible damage. It is a common myth that cleaning the carpet before it is absolutely necessary will cause it to get dirty faster. This goes back to the days when shampoo methods were the most common methods of carpet cleaning.

Carpet in a typical household should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending upon the number of residents, amount and type of activity, and whether the carpet is light or dark color.

Why should I choose Michael’s Carpet Cleaning?

The Bane-Clene® System is a tested, proven and unique carpet cleaning system, which will safely freshen and clean your carpets.

The Bane-Clene® System is a warm water extraction system which uses no abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals. Pressures, temperatures, and the pH of the cleaning agent are all carefully controlled. Bane-Clene® System leaves carpets soft, the texture restored, the colors brightened and better able to withstand future soiling. More than 95% of the moisture from cleaning is recovered with the Bane-Clene® System. Carpets dry quickly, stay cleaner, and last longer.

Problems, such as rust stains, pet odors and spots, heavy traffic lane soil, and shampoo or powdery residue from previous cleanings can be treated with our uniquely formulated cleaning agents and superior equipment.

With the Bane-Clene® System, all the heavy equipment stays in the truck, nothing enters your home but tile operator, with a cleaning head and a long hose.

We bring our own pre-softened water and do not use your water or disposal facilities. All the dirty water and unpleasant odor goes out through the sealed hose into the waste water tank in the cleaning van. There is no messy clean-up afterwards and no danger of spillage in your home or office.

Major carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned, and leading fiber producers and carpet mills recommend the safe, efficient and dependable Bane-Clene® System.

Professional Cleaning versus “Do-It-Yourself” Cleaning

The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends professional cleaning over “Do-It-Yourself” because of the potential problems that can occur from using rental equipment, such as yellowing, over wetting, fiber tip damage, severe re-soiling, overuse of detergents, etc.

Most rental units available do not adequately clean and may actually damage the carpet.

Don’t trust your rug to anyone else. Call Michael’s Carpet Cleaning today.